Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Sorry that this new update took so long.
Finally I have a fully working AND faster viterbi decoder.
To do that I had to abandon gr-trellis. After re-evulation of the code and project with my mentor we decided to start on a new OOT module for generic channel decoding.
Let me introduce gr-celec (Communications Engineering Lab Error Correction) and my own volk library volk_fec.

Right now the volk library contains kernels for complex branch metric calculations and Viterbi path metric calculations.

Gr-celec contains a block for branch metric calculations  and a viterbi block (with metric calculations included).  The Viterbi Block takes complex samples as input, along with some information about the encoder (Number of States, Packetlength, Startstate, Endstate and a vector containing all possible Outputs for every state). It works with non-recursive and rate 1/n decoders. These simplifications allowed me to use a Butterfly structure  for the path metric calculations. This resulted in a better loop unrolling and SIMD register management. The SSE4.1 Kernel is now approx. 3x faster than the generic kernel
The complex branch metric calculations are approx. 4x faster than the generic kernels.

Both benchmarks were done with packets of length 3072 samples and averaged over 1000 packets.

Next on my to-do lists are some cosmetic changes for gr-trellis/examples.
After that I can start working on the Log-Map Decoder. This will be done from scratch as well and put into the gr-celec.

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