Thursday, 10 December 2015

Adblockers: First battle lost, but we should keep fighting

Hey everyone,

I'm back, and I'm angry/sad/confused/sleepy. Yesterday a German court ruled that it is illegal to distribute guides and tutorials how to disable the Anti-Adblocker of the Axel-Springer Verlag on The justification of the court has not yet been published, but according to [1] it is probable that they agreed with Axel-Springer, that these guides would explain how to disable a software encryption to protect copyrighted material. This is the second time in a week, that a German consortioum of the copyright industry has made claims to politics and judicature to prune users rights and protection systems on the interwebz to ensure more/equal profit of the copyright lobby [2]. As I said, it is fine for the content/copyright industry to make as much money as they can, I dont't give a shit. But the unwillingness of these industries to invest in secure and working technical solutions to ensure this profit is alarming. Because they are not willing to invest anything! They want to cut the internet users rights and technical abilities instead because it is the most simple and cheapest way to do that. This is outrageing. It cannot be that the security and freedom of citizens is endangered just because one or several lobbies suck at using new technologies. Lobbies and citizens have to mature in using new capabilities and technical solutions, I am sure of that. But as of now, I see no effort of the industry (and sadly now also from polititcs) to make a path to a common demoninator. We urgently need to change that and to find a way to communicate again. But until then one fact *evil grin*: In your browser you can, by default, deactivate all javascript. There are also free and legal plugins to block individual scripts if you add these scripts to the plugins filter list. Just give some general facts about how browsers and JavaScript work.

I know it is just thursday but have a nice weekend.
Stay safe and responsible on the webz, it is, after all, a place of magic, wonders and lots of strange things :)

P.S. Sorry that all articles are in german. 



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